19 Jan, 2018

Top Must Follow Websites for Independent Filmmakers, especially first-timers

“Not all the filmmakers are fortunate enough to join dedicated film schools to learn the art of filmmaking and not all the great filmmakers come from film schools.” Perhaps, these words highlight the importance of self learning aptly.

You’ve got to have a liking for films and you need to be passionate about how the whole methodology of filmmaking works in order to be a filmmaker. Most veteran filmmakers talk about filmmaking as a continuous learning process. Thus, it is important to know your resources on the subject. For all those first timers who are gearing up to join this vast industry of talented individuals, the internet is the biggest tool to learn and get going. Of course, one has to remember that creativity cannot be taught or learned, it comes from within.

The internet holds great amount of shared knowledge for everyone and isn’t different for filmmakers. You can join forums; get connected with independent filmmakers on popular social media websites like Facebook and Twitter or even get knowledge from wikis. The firsthand art is available in abundance on YouTube and if you would still love to get deeper into the database then blogs and relevant websites are a must.

So, for somebody who’s just starting to get hang of all this, here are some of the must follow websites for independent filmmakers. These websites hold details and information for filmmaking, tips and tricks, music, film festivals, gear and almost everything. I have been leaning the same and working on my first short film and these websites have been of great help.

You’ll definitely want to join IMDb (if you haven’t already) and Vimeo along with the essential social networking sites.

Film Riot


No Film School

Philip Bloom


Hope For Film

Shooting People

Filmmaker IQ


MovieMaker Magazine

Creative Cow

Filmmakers Alliance

Go Into The Story

The Post Lab

Script Mag

Indy Film Gear

Free Music Archive

Of course I might have missed some, but these are the websites I have been following for some time now and if you want me to add any of your favorite, just let me know in the comments below. You might also want to join Stage32, which is a social network for filmmakers and all the people associated with films. If you’re planning to use your smartphone to get going with the film shooting process, you can read this information.

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