2 Feb, 2018

The Best Short Films and Films shot on smartphones

Smartphones aren’t just gadgets to shoot your typical birthday videos or to take those random landscape, selfie or nature photographs, they have evolved and no, I’m not just talking about the hefty $1000 price tags that they carry. There are professional YouTubers, Instagrammers, Short Film Makers and Feature Film Makers, Animators and lots of other creative people who only use their smartphones to get things done. The popular choices; iPhones, Samsung Galaxy devices, One Plus smartphones, Google’s Pixel, Motorola’s Android offerings and even Xiaomi and Nokia’s Android smartphones. The list is huge and the kind of content creators make is outstanding. The typical Full HD resolution has given way to 4K resolution, the slow motion isn’t just a gimmick anymore and anyone still having doubts on the capabilities of their smartphones, definitely need a reality check.

There have been various short films and even feature length films entirely shot on smartphones. The best examples being Night Fishing Paranmanjang by Chan-kyong Park shot on an iPhone 4 and the most recent one and the more successful one being the Sundance favorite Tangerine by Director Sean Baker that was shot on Apple’s iPhone 5S using some handy accessories.

So, If you’re still looking for some inspiration, here are some of the notable films and short films shot entirely on smartphones (not in any particular order):

#1 Night Fishing or Paranmanjang by Chan-kyong Park (Shot on iPhone 4)


#2 The Commuter starring Dev Patel & Pamela Anderson (Shot using Nokia N8)


#3 Searching for Sugar Man (Oscar winning film shot partly on iPhone)


#4 TOM & ISSY – A Roger Michell Film Starring Ellie Goulding (Shot entirely on Nokia Lumia 1020)


#5 Tangerine (Feature Film shot on iPhone 5S)


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